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. in november, pakistan released 18 of the taliban members by request. they are trying to transform the afghan taliban into a political force. a director from the atlantic council says releasing them may not help the pakistan any people in the long run. -- the pakistani people in the long run. >> there is a very real possibility of sanctuary, as well as militants that have been fighting with the taliban against the state of pakistan, so pakistan risks of not if the taliban comes back to power. that is something it certainly does not favor. it also does not favor that they have control of the border territory. >> now, the latest in our series, looking ahead to 2013. elections scheduled in may of next year in pakistan. it will be the first time the government has completed a full five-year term. and some issues are more basic. our reporter explains. >> the shelves are stocked, but there are few customers. one family has run this vegetables and fruit stand for over 25 years, but their business has been struggling in recent years. >> the customers are very worried. their monthly income is just not
used. seven charity workers have been killed in a drive-by shooting in northwest pakistan. police say that they were shot dead when their van was ambushed by gunmen on motorbikes. all of the victims are said to be pakistani citizens. our correspondent is there. what more details do we have? what do we know about these kinds of attacks? >> western pakistan has had a lot of attacks over the years. they have not been known for attacks like this, but the sense we are getting is that this happened just a couple of hours ago and, as you say, this community center was part school, part health clinic. all of the dead worked there, six of them were women. their vehicle was sprayed with bullets by gunmen riding motorbikes. six of the women have been killed, one man has been killed. the driver has been badly injured, we hear. >> these sorts of a tax must be putting off those who go and volunteer. >> these were shocking attacks. just a few weeks ago there were nine people involved in a polio vaccination program here in pakistan, many of them women as well, shot dead. of course, when it comes to w
workers, six women have been killed in a drive by shooting in northwest pakistan. police say they were shot dead by gunmen on motorbikes. all of the victims are said to be pakistani citizens. >> unfortunately aide workers have been targeted in the past. health workers, nine of them were shot done. they have all been involved in pakistan's polio vaccination drive. at that time they did not say they carried out the attacks but they have been spreading rumors and suspicions for many years now saying that somehow these health workers are working for a western agenda by gathering intelligence or sterilizing muse limb children. there were seven workers all working at this children's community center that just finished a shift, they were getting into their van and driving off. it was sprayed with bullets. of them were women teach ares, two of them were health workers. >> at least two people have been killed in a port city. police say another 50 were wounded. reports suggest the bomb was planted on a motorcycle in a crowded area and exploded by remote control. and staying in pakistan u.n. heal
by shooting in pakistan left several aide workers dead. >> the attack took place outside the capitol. it is unclear who was responsible it. follows the killing of nine workers in pakistan last month. >> well, some people in russia may be waking up to a new year's hangover today. but those that like their vodka might have to dig a little deeper to afford it. >> that is because moscow imposed a hefty tax on the spirit in a bid to curb the country's high alcoholism rate. >> russia's favorite beverage got a lot more expensive. they will have to swallow a new alcohol tax. russians are trying to laugh it off. >> i used to get to know a man and he would buy me a fine bottle of bubbly, now it barely buys a cheap sparkling wine. it is a real shame. >> the kremlin wants russians to drink less. alcohol ads banned since last summer and the new tax hike is an attempt to quench the country's thirst for hard liquor. many believe it is not dangerous if they only drink a little. but it is. you don't have to be an alcoholic to die from drinking too much. many do not take that seriously. >> in big citi
-needed resources. >> in pakistan, they have released eight taliban prisoners. one is justice minister when the taliban ruled afghanistan. >> the haqqani network is an integral component of the taliban. it is a decision of the supreme commander of the taliban for negotiations. it must be remembered that there is a realization that they are not going anywhere and any city a political settlement. the taliban are expecting the release of their commander who is in guantanamo and the release of their [indiscernible] if that happens, there is optimism by the taliban say that it is the first time there's real hope. you have to understand that this is a conflict problem and will take some time we are able to get any clear indication as to where these talks are going. >> around 120 soldiers from the democratic republic of congo have arrived in the central african republic's capital. troops have been sent there as part of a regional military force to support the government of the central african republic. rebel forces are moving in. in the past month, the group that consists of three rebel forces has
in pakistan. the teachers were on the way home working from primary school for girls. the attack was a reminder of the risk to women and essential kateors. and aide workers from the islamic militants who opposed their work in that country. there were more than just fireworks lighting up the sky over iran with the new year's. the country has been spending the last few days launching barrage of missile tests in the critical passal way for oil in the world. correspondent leland vittert with more on what is behind tehran latest saber rattling. >> in heavily publicly publicized war games on iran tv, iran knavery proudly showed off -- iran navy showed off the antiship vessels and mines, those to be used to disrupt shipping in the strait of hormuz. sea channel that cuts between uran and united arab emirates through a fifth of the world's oil flows. >> no oil will be transported through the strait, threatened the iran deputy head of the commission of foreign affairs. no matter by the tankers or the her chant ships he continued. since the 1980s, iran used the strait as strategic trump car
expect the death tolls to rise because of lack of supplies. 7 people killed in an ambush in pakistan. five teachers and two health workers who were working for a nongovernmental association. oppose female education. they may have been targeted because they worked to eliminate polio in the region. >> coming up tonight, a woman stabbed in the chest. and police say it all happened on board a metro bus. >> this is just such a shock, you know. i started to cry right away. i'm thinking my little church is on fire. >> plus a local church congregation in shock after a fire rips through their sanctuary. >> the nation's capitol is gearing up for president obama's second inauguration. the press and why things will be scaled back this time around.  >>> a house of worship in prince georges county goes up in flames this morning. luckily no one was hurt but the church has severe damage. bob joins me now with the latest developments. >> investigators say they haven't determined what caused the early morning fire. nothing suspicious at first but for the members of that
pop star with an invisible words could rule the world why not a fish monger from pakistan? the catchy theme has hooked people. it is already an itune's hit. >>> buzz words to watch for in 2013. interns whose sole job. >> twinterns. >> how many followers are you up to now? >> 20,000. >> you are setting the bar in this town. all right. good look ahead here phablet. >>> we have a survivor who is speaking out about dramatic tour bus video that's just emerged. >>> plus, there is intention fighting in syria. revel leaders call for more help in their fight against capitol hill. house republicans are meeting right now about their next move on the fiscal cliff. >>> survivors and family members of a horrific oregon bus crash are speaking out tonight. nine people were killed in the accident last sunday. more than 20 were injured. new home video from the scene. >> reporter: new home video shows the snowy, icy conditions along i-84 east of pendleton. here where the tour bus was 49 people onboard hit a guardrail and flew 200 feet down the embankment. it robbed over at least sxwuns came to rest upri
making news today. gunmen killing five female teachers and two other people in northwest pakistan. many militants in the conservative province where the attack took place oppose education for women and have targeted them in the past. >>> in venezuela a somber scene as residents pray for the president there, hugo chavez. the leader is taking a turn for the worse after his latest cancer surgery. >>> along the ivory coast in africa, 60 people were crushed to death in a new year's eve stadium stampede after a fireworks display. nearly 200 more were injured. heather: iran's military issuing warnings to foreign planes and warships as the country conducts five games of war games near the strategically important strait of hormuz where 1/5 of the world's oil passes through this key waterway. leland vittert is live this morning in our middle east newsroom with the very latest. leland? >> reporter: heather, these warnings were likely to either u.s. or western allies plane, ships, reconnaissance aircraft those kind of things spying on these war games. you might say here we go again. for iran war ga
is right now we are largely favoring the kill and capture peace especially in places like pakistan and yemen, somalia to some extent and some other states. i don't think we really have great strategies of waging political warfare, and that i think is what we really need to do. that is a cat that needs to be filled and i think we can be -- the gap that needs to be filled, and we can draw lessons of the cold war as how to do that. and the need to do that i think was really brought home to me by a meeting i had a few years ago, i think in 2008 in baghdad, with a fellow who was a very grave a rocky holloman thing, either brave or suicidal, maybe some combination of the two, who dared to visit israel on a couple of different occasions and thought iraq had actually normalize relations with israel, for which sentiments he faced attempts to get him in prison, which he successfully beat, and in an iraqi court, he did not however manage to stop extremists who, in 2005, attacked him and his sons and killed his two sons in retaliation for his country and visiting israel. but he was not discour
pledged to cover the cost of hospital treatment for the injured. a new wave of violence rocked pakistan today leaving nine dead and dozens wounded. in the northwest, gunmen a in the northwest, gunmen ambushed a van in the town of swabi, killing five female teachers and two aid workers. it followed a series of militant attacks targeting anti-polio workers. to the south, a bomb exploded near a large political rally in karachi. at least four people died there, and dozens were hurt. the number of civilian deaths in iraq rose in 2012 for the first time in three years. the human rights group iraq body count reported today there were 4,471 civilians killed, up more than 400 from the year before. the group said it shows iraq remains in a state of "low-level war" with insurgents. the state of pennsylvania will sue the n.c.a.a. over sanctions against penn state university in the child sexual abuse scandal that rocked the school. the penalties include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention grants nationwide. governor tom corbett said today the state wants a federal court to guarantee
mongerer from pakistan? >> reporter: the catchy phrase has hooked people into the new year. the clip reeled in more than 16 million views on youtube and already is an itunes hit. >>> fish man, we have to come up with something. >> that's a lot. >> yes, indeed. >> what's coming up in sports? >> great sports. terps trying to keep their winning streak alive. after a record breaking the red test in the seahawks. that's all when "news4 at 6:00" continues. >>> hello. welcome back. i'm doug kammerer. not a bad day on january 1. we start off the year 2013, temperatures a little bit above average. 45 degrees. temperature right now. our average temperature is 44 for a high temperature today. not too bad. winds out of the northwest, 8 miles per hour. we continue to see the cloud cover. those clouds may hold the temperatures up a little bit tonight. that's good news. tomorrow night they are going to be hold. 39 in gaithersburg. 44 in college park. 42 towards camp springs. friends in warrenton, hello to you. 39 degrees. how about front royal. front royal coming in at 38 degrees. starting to see t
this morning. police in pakistan say five female teachers are dead after being ambushed. the women were working for a non-governmental organizations on the way to a community center. two health workers were killed. the attack happened in a province where many militants oppose female education. an update on secretary of state hillary clinton. doctors say she is making excellent progress at new york presbyterian hospital with a blood clot in her head. doctors say they are confident the blood thinners will dissolve blood clot and she will make a full recovery. new laws taking effect across the country today, and in maryland, same-sex couples were greeted with cheers and noisemakers as gay marriage became legal in the first state south of the mason-dixon line. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> anxiety, dread, fear, what would happen january 1, 1863 when the emancipation proclamation was signed. many people spent three months those 100 days, begging the president, but do not do it, retract it. you still have time to step back. part of what i would like to do is tell you some
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